I felt very honoured and excited to be invited to judge at The Sighthound shows in Moscow June 2, 2018!


There were four specialtys, Whippet, Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound and Scottish Deerhound.


The showground was ideal with the show ring on grass and lots of big trees surrounding to give shade and comfort for people and dogs. The organisers had made a great job to arrange everything to the best with lots of trophies and beautiful badges for the winners. There was a very nice buffet at lunchtime and everybody was taken part.

Even the weather Gods were in a good mode with sunshine all day long.


Whippet was the first breed to be judged.

It was a special occasion since whippets celebrates 30 years in Russia and there was a record entry of 87!


I believe the breed has a bright future in your country. You have dedicated breeders with clearly the best for the breed in mind and you have interesting bloodlines to work with.


I found at this show beautiful whippets with just what I am looking for when I´m judging; elegant, typey dogs with the right proportions, balanced angulations front and rear, beautiful S-curves from nose to tip of tail, correct top lines that keeps the same standing and on the move. I found also a great deal of dogs with beautiful head and expression and also a great deal of dogs with the right drive and length in movements. All dogs had nice and friendly temperaments.


Dog shows are of course, first and most important, a strive to measure up with the breed standard, but it´s also a beauty competition. So what impression your dog gives the judge on just that day it what matters.


When it comes to show presentation;

good muscle condition is very important. Whippets are a lively, sporty breed, normally easy to keep in good condition. Short nails, clean teeth, gives that extra touch in the show ring.


As in every country there are things to hold in mind; watch top lines – there are a tendency in the breed with dogs a bit too long in loin, flat in top line, straight in front and over angulated in rear. Also size is something to keep in mind. If too big they loose the correct whippet breed stamp.

Whippets must not be too thin and weak. It´s important with a well developed rib cage to give room for heart and lungs. They must have power in combination with elegance.


My BOB dog Ch Rivarco Teller of Tales is a dog of excellent type and size, combining strength and elegance in a perfect way. He moves fantastic (even if he now is a veteran)

He showed himself with a proud and gentle attitude, top class!


There seems to be good spirit and friendship within the people involved with the breed. At this show people were very polite and obviously very fond and proud of their dogs. Good sportsmanship and friendly faces, just as is should be!




Irish Wolfhounds:

11 dogs were entered to this show and they were mainly from the same breeder and very even in type.

They had generally good size, bone and substance, beautiful heads with dark eyes most of them.

Heavy ears are a problem in the breed in all countries and it was the same here. Small well carried ears is a very important stamp of quality and something for the breeders to pay extra attention to.


Coat texture also was good, but I was extra impressed with how the dogs moved. It was a very hot day and they had been waiting for many hours for their turn in the ring, but that did not seem to bother them. They moved with power, easy long stride, low to the ground. My winning dog and bitch are of excellent quality. The BOB male Ch Tsarskaja Phirot Night Knight Norrington really impressed me, “great size and commanding appearance” just what the standard calls for. Elegant, powerful, and he showed really well!


Thank you to the club for my beautiful gift! A portrait of an IW head, oil on canvas, such a lovely memory of this occasion!



6 dogs were entered,

BOB was a male from working class: Bel Etual Gertsog Gamilton, he has the right proportions and he moved well.


Scottish Deerhound:

Only one: Mersedes DÁrdalie, still very young, she is a very typical and high class deerhound. She has that special almost dancing movements so typical for the breed, a really lovely deerhound!


In the final I picked the Irish Wolfhound as my BIS winner, but they were all four lovely, high class dogs, any one of them could have won!


Thank you all, dogs and owners, for a wonderful show I will always remember!


I wish you the very best for the future!


Elisabet Janzon, Wolf Tone, Sweden